Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's Sakin' Bacon?

For those of you who don't know I don't have a kitchen. Even with this I'm expected to make lunch for my dictat...er... husband every day. And this doesn't mean sandwiches (have you seen the price of sandwich meat?! It's stupid!!!) this means a variety of things to keep him from getting bored. So, I've learned to use my rice cooker in new and amazing ways. *hugs rice cooker*

Now that you have a back story I can tell you what's going on. I have to bake some breakfasty stuff for tomorrow, tonight, for Jex to take to work tomorrow. My sweet husband kindly told me all of this during his lunch break today.
Note: I'm also sick.
Lucky for me the price of borrowing my friend's oven is only 3 lemons. While I'm there I think I'll make a little extra of my breakfasty foods for her too.

In other news, tomorrow is my pelvic ultrasound. I've dealt with random stupid pain in my woman part region for something like 5 years. It's gotten less intense and frequent as I've gotten older so I don't think much of it anymore. Low and behold now that I'm 23 people are actually listening to me. It's great I love it!
Everyone lies to you when they say you're an adult at 18. It's almost like 18-24 are the probationary period of adulthood and 25 is when you're finally allowed to ditch the training wheels. But I digress.
Point is that something is finally going to get resolved. Either they're going to find something, or their not and I can assume that I'm crazy or it's gas from here on. In both cases there's closure and I'm so stoked for that!

Has anyone (both of you) who reads my blog ever played a game called 'Kings'?
Waaa~! It's super fun. All you need are drinks (alcoholic or not is up to you, either works fine), a deck of cards, and a large cup or glass for the center of the table.
Let me explain the cards so that you too can play!
King: The first three people to draw a King have to put some of their drink in the center cup, however much they want, and make up a rule for everyone to follow till the next King is drawn (for example: every one must now speak in a dialect, or: no elbows on the table) anyone who forgets the rule has to take a drink. The last person to draw a King has to drink whatever concoction is in the 'Kings Cup' at the center of the table.
Queen: When the Queen is drawn you have to speak in questions to one another, questions that make sense (for example: Is anyone else cold? Is the thermostat even on? Where's my coat? Why haven't you kept track of your coat? Did you even bring your coat? Oh come on who's actually cold? and so on till some one messes up) if you just answer the question you have to drink and the next person draws a card.
Jack: Jackagories (Categories) the person who draws the Jack picks a category like flowers, cars, dog breeds, languages, ect. And starts off with the first one, everyone goes around and says things in the category. You can't say the same thing twice. When it gets to some one who can't think of anything or messes up they drink. next card.
10: Never have I ever. You only hold up three fingers for this one.
9: Rhyme: Simple, go around starting with the person who drew the card and rhyme words till you can't come up with anything else, the person who can't rhyme anymore drinks.
8: is Date. You choose another person at the table, you are now 'dating' every time you drink they have to drink and visa versa.
7: Heaven, every one has to raise their hands. Last person to do so has to drink
6: Chicks, girls drink.
5: Guys, men drink.
4: Floor. Everyone has to touch the floor (or table) last one has to drink.
3: Me. You drink.
2: You! Pick some one at the table to drink.
A: Water Fall. At the count of three everyone starts drinking. The first person able to stop is the person who drew the card. Then the person to his left, and so on. You can't stop drinking till the person to the right of you has stopped.
Set up: Shuffle the deck of regular playing cards well. Place the King's Cup at the center of the table and spread the cards in a circle, face down, around the King's Cup. Everyone get their drinks (be it a Tequila Sunrise or a Glass of Milk) and have fun!

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  1. That sounds like a fun game-good luck with the ultrasound. Don't play too much kings, tonight, though!