Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Corporate America

Dear Corporate America,
My throat would love it if you would stop forcibly shoving Christmas down it. Quite honestly pine trees don't go down very smoothly and the blood trail, though matching with the holiday color scheme, is really bad for my carpet.
Couldn't you wait until the day after Thanks Giving, or for heaven's sake November first? It's really disconcerting to see a Christmas tree in the middle of bat and witch shaped cookies.
I mean you're confusing the little kids. They're going to think that Santa is some demon who comes down the chimney to suck their blood.
It would be really nice if you could try not to look so eager to take every penny of our hard earned cash. We might forget how greedy and overpriced you are if you respect the Holidays and stop putting Santa hats on Turkeys and Christmas lights over the fake blood and gore.
Sincerely a very annoyed ex-customer.


  1. I love your saying, "I mean you're confusing the little kids"! Haha! That's so true! For me, Japan is "confusing the old man"! :) Man, we don't have such blight festivals. But Japanese people love to have Christmas! I will be excited about that. :)

    Plus, I have to say this to you:

    I really love your last posting so much! I tried to tell you how I loved to read this to respond. Again, I really enjoyed it; I got to know about you better than before. Thank you for your openness to me.

  2. Ah! "Confusing the old man"! I love it! It makes me smile. I think something Japan does better than America is Christmas Cakes! We just have pie. lol I'll take pictures of the Christmas lights for you.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed my last post Norie. It's something I've wanted to say for a long time but hadn't really found the right words for. I love to be open to you, I trust you, you're so special to me. I love to read your thoughts and get to know you better too!