Monday, September 17, 2012

My marriage is weird....

So Jex stubs his toe on my first gen Playstation2.

Looks like this.
And comes over telling me to fix it.
With a sigh I look over to see that his pinky toe has been sliced across the top. What are the corners of the PS2 made of, blades?! After fixing him up I give him a hug. Then a kiss and another hug.

Jex: Did the blood make you horny?
Me: What? No.
Jex: You sure are lovey.
Me: *shrugs*
Jex: So it makes you horny; you're just hiding it.
Me: No!
Jex:*cups my boob* You're horny!
Me: My boobs can't tell you that I'm horny, you weirdo.
Jex: You're boobs tell me lots of things... like when you're asleep.
Me: You touch my boobs when I'm sleeping?!
Jex: Well yeah, you can't tell me to stop then.
Me: Gah! I'm done talking to you.... and I'm putting this on Scenes from a Marriage!
Jex: Ok, but put the whole thing on.

For the record I am not a vampire. My husband however is a bonafied creeper. Though vampire chicks are always super gorgeous... maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

The Light Heart Lives Long

Man, typing a post is sooooo much easier with a key board.


  1. hahahaha, you have a sick perverted husband. Ok, you don't, but men are so weird.

    Yeah truly, good thing you have a keyboard now.

    And one more thing. would you please, please, please take off the CAPCHA CODE. I have extremely bad eyes, and I can't read half of them, and you would probably get more comments if you didn't have it on there. If you want to have to see them before they post, that would be much better. Or just let them post. I just want you to get tons of followers, but know that alot of people can't stand CAPCHA.

  2. Done and Done. I didn't realize it was such a commenting turn off. I usually just cycle through the images till I get one that isn't stupid hard to see. But you won't have to worry about it anymore! <3

  3. Ah! What a weirdo! Just kidding. Marriage is great, eh?

  4. Marriage is awesome, and awkward, but mostly awesomely awkward. lol