Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quilty quilty... crap

Blogs are less fun to post since I don't have a camera anymore... birthday present! Birthday present! lol

I went to the 2nd ever Quilting Group Meeting at the church Jex and I found randomly. They're a good group of ladies, all of whom could be my mother. It was actually quite funny the first time I showed up they kept staring at me. I think they were wondering if I even knew what a sewing machine was. Maybe they were taking bets on how much I actually knew about quilting. hehehe. Whatever it was they got over it today. Everyone was talking about what patterns they were trying and color schemes and the best way to apply fun artsy touches.
I found out a lot of stuff that I didn't know. From the beginning I was going to wing it, now I'm still probably going to wing it. With as much as everything costs (damn you JoAnn Fabrics!) I really hope I don't suck at this. Sure I made a quilt like... oh my god.... that was 14 years ago..........
well shit.
Anyways. Today I'm making a space for my quilt project and having Jex help me with the pattern since the one I want to make isn't a free pattern... and there's no way in hell I'm going to spend $15 on paper I have to do all the work on.
I'm also going to start working on a stuffed Owl doll. Both of these are going to be for my friend's babies next Christmas. I'm sure Cait will probably love them just as much if not more. In any case it'll be worth all the money I've dumped into it. And it gives me something to do while I try to figure out Job-ish things. It's hard to be a one car family. It really is sometimes.
Stupid America and it's lack of decent public transportation. STUUUUPID.

Oh and I rented Cabin in the Woods!
I'm a chicken when it comes to horror type movies. But I'm so excited! It really looks more like a scifi movie than a horror. And Jex can't complain that I'll be mooning over the dude who played Thor (what's his name google? Ah that would be Chris Hemsworth. Thank you google) because no doubt I will be squealing into his lap and clinging to him like a koala through some if not most of the movie.

The light heart lives long~


  1. you are going to have to tell me how that movie is. I love a good terror flick. not like Nightmare on Elm street, fake, but scary, send you chills Silence of the Lambs. Good luck with the quilting.

  2. What pattern are you using. I've made hundreds of quilts.. I have a lot of Amish patterns. I know how to do the log cabin.. I also can teach you the one where you sew all the strips together, then sew the two raw ends together.. then cut it back into strips,, and sew it back together staggered.. it's awesome..