Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jex watching

Jex forgets that I know how to work the Nexus camera pretty well. This  is only one of the sights I  get to witness on a regular basis. He was grumbling to himself the entire time. Haha!

And after much pressing, ironing and other crap I finally started cutting squares! Only I messed up pretty hardcore twice and nearly broke into tears. Oh, Judy, I'm working on a pattern Jex worked out for me after seeing a picture of it on Google. And I would love if you shared the staggered strip quilt pattern, it sounds super rad and less stressful.

Here are the colors I'm working with. It'll be a Christmas gift for my friend's 1 year old Izzy. I'm going to make his sister an owl plushie if the quilt doesn't kill me first.

The Light Heart Lives Long Δ π±℅°°°°°¡¡¡¿¿¿ hahaha, sometimes the tablet is fun.

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