Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear God, I thank you for giving me the time to blog...

Okay so last night Jex and I got home from our trip to Massachusetts. We're poor, so I packed up all the food from our fridge and we drove over 2,000 miles and 36 hours alltogether so that we could be part of our great friend's big day. I was a bride's maid! *squeeee!*
Missy was beautiful and Shaun was dashing. They really do complete each other and I pray for their continued oneness. Even though Missy is more of a deist than I am she appreciates the sentiment. And somewhere on the internet is a video of Terrace (the maid of honor) and me doing 'the creep' by ourselves on the dance floor. Maybe even one of us head banging to the techno 'Barbra Streisand' song.
Jex and I pulled up to our Apt near 9pm last night. We get today to unpack, repack, and clean before leaving tomorrow night at around 9pm to drive 6 hours to my in-laws. Tony LOVES fright fest at 6flags. Since he's been through open heart surgery this year we're going to celebrate it with him. Then at some indeterminate time we have to drive 6 hours back in order for my husband to fly to someplace to do something for too long away from me for his work. Yay OPSEC! (opsec is the acronym for: Operational Security..... it means don't post military details where just anyone can get a hold of them. And it may make a some of my posts about Jex really vague.)

Anyhow, pictures and other such funness from the trip will have to wait. I've got 5 minutes in which to get home and get things situated.

30 day challenge Day 10: Someone or Something you're proud of.
Holy Crap.... do they do this on purpose. There isn't just one of these things in my life!
Bah, you're about to get a laundry list of photos I can steal from other people's face book pages. *evil laugh*

Marrying Jex... Probably the best decision I've ever made in my life. Ever.

I'm so proud of Norie and Laura and all the other friends that I couldn't find good pictures of

I'm proud that I can put on a Yukata (pictured below) and a Kimono on by myself. A feat that even many Japanese can't accomplish.

I'm super proud of my little brother Rocker. This is a picture of him and his band. He's the only one who looks bad ass (to the left of the kid in the front).... he's also the only American. lol

Well that's it for the next week or so. If there's anything left of me I'll be back here, same bat time, same bat channel.... same batty personality. (^_^) Y

.... I forgot one.... so I came back because this was a really big highlight in my life....

I'm proud of being able to sword fight with real steel. Yup.... it's awesome.


  1. how cool are those pictures. have fun and be careful

  2. Haha! I found me on this posting, which surprises me!

    I am sorry that I've not read your weblog but I've been busy. I really enjoy reading this. I am proud of you always, too.

  3. YOu can sword fight?! Okay, it's official...you're the baddest chick I know!

    LOVE the photo of you & Jex! Straight out of a story book!