Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Holiday Chronicles: Prologue

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a road trip of epic proportions. 6 hours from Sandland to Podunk Georgia to get the dog, then to Flatlands Texas, Thanksgiving and COYBOY CHURCH! I'll have to tell you all about cowboy church. I loveth it so much! Then back to Podunk to drop off the dog, back to Sandland for Jex's stupid job, and then to Cali with Cait and her two babies in tow. Did I mention that her baby boy is teething? After that we have to come back and on the way we'll visit some people we love and miss. Back home, back to Sandland, back home and on the day after we get home to stay for a few days before the Christmas gauntlet with Jex's family (hooray for multi-divorced families) he has written 'curl up and die'.
*deep breath* I think I might agree when all is said and done.
As a wonderful cherry on the top of this chaotic sundae my throat is still bothering me and I literally have almost zero time to go to the doctor. Maybe I'll luck out and have enough time to get to a free clinic in Sandland while Jex is gone working his face off.
I might be able to update, or I'll just have a really long post about the end of NaNoWrimo and the entirety of our Cross Country Chronicle.

Oh and I've gotten pretty far with my quilt. If I have a moment to breathe tomorrow I'll post a couple of super cute pictures. (^_^)

Wish us luck. We're going to need it.

~The light heart lives long.

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  1. Sounds like a busy yet fun time. Happy Thanksgiving