Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Spy a Strep Throat

Well, I might not have a camera, but I just looked through some of my older pictures for this weeks prompt and found a few I think will do nicely.

This weeks Promt is Poles.
Since I'm using Jex's wondermus (absolutely retarded) Mac I won't be able to use the link system or comment on anyone else's awesometastic photos this week. (I hate you Mac)

Here is Sony looking at some bazaar clear piping, next to a flag pole!

Jex made these counters from a simple wooden pole to help us keep track of status effects on our tabletop characters.

This is me being eaten by a skeletal T-Rex head on a pole

My Choice
 This is our first family photo, puppy and all, a really nice old couple took this for us in SandLand.
We'll have to take a new one soon since we've added a cat to the mix.

Oh yes, I have strep. For the second time ever. Apparently once you get it the damned thing comes back annually for a while. I'm going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar route for a couple of days before going to Antibiotics.
Why? Because I'm not a raving hippy... I'm only a hemp wearing tree hugger on the weekends. lol
Nah, I'm all about being natural as much as one can be in our era of bio and chemical manufacturing. If I could I'd manage a homestead with a few good friends. However, I'm also acutely aware that our advances have garnered some really great things. Like freaking cough drops, penicillin, birth control and the like. I just think that we forget that rosemary is great for more than just chicken, there's such a thing as good bacteria, and not everything good come from a bottle or a can.

Alright, so to document my attempt at homeopathic remedies. Today I'm going to gargle with apple cider vinegar cut 1/3 with warm water. I'm also putting a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in with my Traditional Medicinal's Throat Coat tea with raw local honey (I bought the honey to help speed up the adjustment phase of my immune system to the new area. Honest to God it works, cuts my damned first year allergies in half.)
Wish me luck!
The light heart lives long~


  1. cool pole pictures. but you know what I like even better. your family photo. so cute

  2. I can't see your cat being too keen to be in that family shot anyway. Seeing all that water, they'd run a mile!

  3. I love the T-Rex photo! You did awesome this week. I'm really sorry about the strep though.

  4. Great photos, I'd agree with Joe on the addition of the kitty to the family pic. May want to do that one away from the water:-) I fear your comment about not being able to comment from a MAC, on considering getting one and that may need to make me reconsider!