Sunday, November 4, 2012

Supernatural and a bad idea

For NaNoWriMo I decided to go for an old idea I never completely fleshed out.
It's a horror/supernatural story that I'm pretty sure a lot of people of varying faiths will want to hang me for writing. The undertone isn't as under as far as 'tones' go. It's pretty much calling out human beings for being blinded by whatever. Various characters will be frustratingly stuck in their own views. Why? Because that's how it is in real life and to my eyes it looks like it's only getting worse.
You probably don't have to think very hard or very far back to remember some one who couldn't come out of themselves enough to treat you like fellow sentient creature. I don't care how much some one personally offends me, scowling at them isn't going to help anything. They won't see from my point of view that way, I can't see well at all squinting that hard so it'd be impossible to try their point of view in that state.

Along with this, just as near and dear to my heart, is the fact that I believe in the Supernatural. There is a veil, a parallel dimension, a life after death, whatever it is and however it works it's there and it screws with humanity. Not everyone is on the same spiritual dial and this leads to more of the sentiment in the paragraph above this one.
But what if everyone could see it? What if the more malicious beings tore through the separation between spiritual and physical to wreak unholy havoc?

That is the premise of my story this year. A few of the characters are VERY much clones of people who had some great conversations with me about the spiritual, whether for or against. Paladin and Sony are key players because Paladin's vibrant passion impressed on me enough for him to have the nick name Paladin on my blog.
I hope it doesn't come across wrong, and I hope it can be enjoyed as a slightly freaky story about seeing beyond the self. Not that anyone will be reading it any time soon. (^_^)

Oh, the bad idea! What was it?
... I joined Imgur... *shifty eyes*

The light heart lives long~

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  1. Sounds like a good story. I believe in spirits too.