Sunday, December 16, 2012

There and Back Again.

While walking back to our hotel room from the grocery store (you see I had forgotten my stockings for Jex's Unit Christmas Party and my make up) along a paved and curving jogging trail I heard the sound of skittering leaves. I glanced over my shoulder to see the little fallen leaves dancing and twirling lamely in my walking wake. So, of course, I had to stick my arms out and run as fast as I could while looking over my shoulder at the little wake I was leaving as the leaves that mostly covered the jogging trail jumped and flipped and sailed about.

I felt like a ninja.

The light heart lives long~ <3 p="p">

P.S. My lovlies!
Jex and I helped our beloved friend Cait and her babies move literally from Sandland on the East Coast to Sunshine on the West Coast. And we did it all in 4 days. Then we had to come back.
I will regale you all with the story, writing out one day at a time, soon. For now though I've got a speeding ticket to deal with, and we're not home yet, and a few other things that need my attention so my world doesn't absolutely explode (yay for christmas time...).

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  1. Leaf ninja! Great image. I also turn into a four-year-old when I spot an opportunity to get playful in nature. Sorry to hear about the speeding ticket. Bummer! Hope the rest of the trip home is / was ticket free!