Saturday, November 10, 2012

Smiling Saturday

Well I'm starting to feel more like a human being again. I do have a word of warning though: apple cider vinegar will shoot you in the face if you gargle with a strep throat. No kidding. I had 800mg of Ibuprofen running laps in my veins and I still had to peel my face off the ceiling after that first gargle. However adding it to apple or orange juice and drinking it did help a good deal.
Honestly though I gave up on it after the first 12 hours and started taking Amoxicillin. I'm sure I can rebuild the healthy flora in my body after the worst has passed. It was the pain. I have a decent pain tolerance, I'm no wuss. I've taken softballs to the throat and kept playing and dug rocks and wood out of my own body. However, gargling with apple cider vinegar was too much for me. I stuck with it, gargling every hour, for about 6 hours before I started drinking it instead.
I'm still drinking the teas and only taking half doses of Amoxicillin (oh the doctors out there on the interwebs are doing to barbeque me for that one) and I feel 100% better after a single day.
My throat still looks like something from a horror movie though.

I like to share happy on Saturdays when I can. Because after friday when every one lets it fly (I was too busy balled up in a corner crying to fire off with everyone *sadface*) we feel light and optimistic almost. I like to feed that feeling so that it might be able to last into the week.

Today I'm going to share some viral images that made me giggle.

This cat's face gets me every time!

This might be a little too nerdy... but I couldn't stop laughing at the irony. 

Yes I've joined Imgur... your point?

And finally one full of adorableness. 

I wish you all a great start to a brand new week! 
~The light heart lives long <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

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  1. I hope your throat is better soon. Nothing worse than a sore throat. I love that baby picture. I'm going to steal it and pin on pinterest. ok? ok.