Friday, November 2, 2012


And there are no pumpkins within 100 miles of me. Apparently after All Hallows Eve pumpkins turn into princesses and waltz out of the grocery stores. Now I can't make the best pumpkin pie ever that Cait showed me. *poutyface*

Anybleedingfingers, it's November which means hairy man chins and writing like a maniac. This year I'm going to be doing two stories... oh yeah... not really. Jex wants me to chronicle our Dungeons and Dragons game because it's getting really crazy. Honestly it's really amazing the story we've been able to weave between the three of us. This is on top of the rewrite of an idea I had about 5 years ago when Paladin was ranting about some interesting spiritualitic ideas as usual.
I'm forced to call it by a different name because "This Present Darkness" has been taken for some time. Good book by the way if you're into supernatural type stories. So I decided to call it "Principalities: Kingdom of the Air" because who knows, maybe I'll finish the novel this year and decide to write another story of the same universe next year. Either way I thought it sounded cool. It might be a little misleading though; I can see someone expecting some kind of elemental magic type book and being really disappointed that it's a spiritual horror/adventure type story.

I'm really excited about hooping too! I can now hoola hoop around my knees and one leg. Still having issues with the shoulder hooping though. Apparently my arms are nowhere near as coordinated as the rest of me.

In this most blessed season I wish you all the best.
~The light heart lives long.


  1. Where have you been lately? Yeah, I've been worried. Stop laughing. I mean it, right now.

  2. I've been dead. But it's ok, I came back. But really, my computer finally gave up the ghost and the Mac (because Jex doesn't like to share his computer. *poutyface*) doesn't like blogger at all.