Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 21... and you thought I forgot.

I'm on the home stretch of the 30 day challenge. Getting ready for England. AND feeling like crap. I haven't slept the passed couple night because my eyes have decided to go all photo sensitive on me. I live in an apartment complex that is so well lit I feel like I'm in that weird place in Norway where they have the sun shine for 24 hours in the summer. (Is that place even in Norway... or is it Alaska?) But whatever. I'm just going to pin a blanket over our window tonight or something.

So Day 21: Three Wishes

Sooo the wrong time of year for this.
Wish 1: Enough public transportation. This way it's okay to take away the licenses of all the IDIOTS, Red Necks in Huge Pickups, Punk 16 year olds not so great drivers. They can still get to work. There's an option for couples like me and Jex who are a one car household. Ha! didn't think we existed any more did ja?

Wish 2: That mornings sucked less by 50% do you know how much stuff I could get done if I could get over the hurdle that is Morning. I'd be flipping unstoppable!

Wish 3: That the FDA was actually intelligent and well funded enough to do what they were created to do.
What? You mean you're no longer keeping tabs on Genetically Modified Food?! Are you ASKING for the Apocalypse to pay us a visit? Did you know that a company in Cali makes corn that works as a sperm inhibitor?! Yay! End of the human race via Contraceptive CORN. CORN!!! That the largest crop on earth, one of the easiest plants to cross pollinate, the stuff that is in F*^%$$#%&*!!! everything. Leave the food alone. Mother Nature knows what the crap she's doing!
.... this is why I can't get into politics.... *sigh*

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  1. but truly we need people like you in politics. You have a brain.