Friday, December 23, 2011


My family is stationed in England and for my present this year they bought me and my hubby a ticket to the madness of Christmas.

Wouldn't you know it but things were a pain right off the bat. Our seats were in the very back of the plane and couldn't lean back; at all. The little tv in the seat in front of me had been assaulted by one too many fussy 4 year olds and wouldn't register half of what I tried to tell it to do. Our plan landed an hour early. They made me go into that stupid body scan thing (which makes my heart race to the point that I get dizzy by the way... stupid airport security doesn't believe me).

Hopefully the flight nonsense used up all the stress for the entire trip.
Last night we went to Norwich. They have a mall called 'Castle Mall' that's right next to a cube of a castle, which the parking garage is directly beneath. I have pictures of all the crazy names they give their shops that made me giggle incessantly.
I had a Boost bar milk shake, my sister got a Ferraro rochette (rochere? those chocolate balls with the hazelnut inside) milk shake, and they tasted like awesome! But they were really thin in comparison to what I'm used to. Kind of like chocolate milk with sprinkles.

We've played a ton of games. Turns out my sister's fiance is just as much of a gamer as Jex and I are. The first night here we were all up till nearly 4 am playing ZOMBIES!!! The next night wasn't nearly as late as we played a game called Taliman, which is kind of a board game version of D&D without the role playing that makes people uncomfortable. Last night was Carcassonne, in which Rocker duped me into giving him 16 points because I didn't know how the game worked. The Punk.

Tonight we're going to Club Uber in downtown Norwich. I've never been clubbing. Didn't pack for clubbing. Didn't find anything I could actually wear in public (for less than 50 pounds) when we went shopping for club clothes yesterday. So I have a feeling I'll be the odd man out. In any case I'm bringing the camera because I can't pass up the opportunity for crazy pictures and possible black mail.

Happy Christmas everyone!!!!


  1. How fun, even tho the plane part of it sucked. I hope you have a truly wonderful christmas.

  2. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas...

  3. Wow, the games sound fun! Not sure abotu the clubbing though... ;)