Saturday, May 28, 2011

To blog a Blogger

Dear Bloggers that I folow~
I would've commented on all the fine blogs that you have posted this week, if I could. Blogger is having some technical difficulties recently and are working on the problem. I just wanted to let you guys know that I still luv you and enjoy reading what you take the time to type up. Thanks for making the internet a better place.

The Tailbone is healing.
I'm back to being knee deep in the NerdKingdom once again. This time in the little side provence of BellStrong Jex, Will, and I are taking turns running the awesome nerdness! I recount most the adventures in my other blog for anyone who's curious. Tomorrow the entire Baker's dozen of us are getting together for a day filled with fun: after nearly a month apart. Yay! And I don't have to cook this time! *happy face*

Speaking of cooking I discovered this morning that I have no talent for gravy making.
My mom has always made gravy with cornstarch. Jex is okay with it, but he grew up with the down home southern white gravy made with flour that could pretty much be a meal in of itself. Me being the kinda sorta new wife that I am jump at every opportunity to make something he likes. The first time I made white gravy it had the consistancy of jello. This morning I tried again and I was left with dough.
Okay, no problem I'll just add more milk. Then it resembled overcooked oatmeal. Uhhhh... more milk? The result: Soup.
Setting aside the pan I decided to just make french toast, something I knew I could do. In the end I ate the should-have-been-gravy with toast. At least it tasted good.

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  1. I would have rather had the french toast. Have I ever mention I love you choice in music. god, so pretty.

    ummm, what is your other blog. inquiring minds want to know.