Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventures in Hairdying: The Box is a Lie!!!

My hair was yellow... the box said it would turn even the darkest hair a platinum color. LIES! I had auburn hair, not even black hair. It turned yellow. I died it again with the same dye. No change.
I got sick of it. So I grabbed a nice ginger looking color off the shelf per my husband's request that I not dye it Purple. What color am I now you ask? FLAMING JEAN GREY RED, it looks like a hyper 4 year old dumped a pot of cherry koolaide over the top of my highlighter yellow hair and only half the color soaked in.
THE BOX IS A LIE!!!! All those little swatches on the side that show you what your results will be based on the shade of your hair, lies all of them. Computer enhancements to make you think you picked out something nice. As of right now unless I'm going for something super funky (blue streaks dangit!) I'm not touching the hair dye anymore. My adventures in this are over... for now.

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