Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dash like a Warrior!

I've been waiting patiently for photos to be posted online so that I could have an epic montage of warrior awesome, including my flaming red Koolaide hair from the previous post.
ALAS, I have been duped yet again! Yes they took my picture, no problem, but now I have to pay anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks to own said pictures. Yeah right.

Luckily I have an awesome husband who remembered to bring his camera and took some good pictures of us.


Without further ado; my tail of daring Dashing as a Warrior.

Camo shirt: check. The only pair of shorts I don't mind ruining: check (dang these things are shorter than I remembered!). Trashy socks: Come to think of it most my socks have holes in them.
I had everything ready for the big race. Jex and I had been training for over a month so that I didn't die. My goal was modest: finish the 5k obstacle race (technically 3.2 but who's measuring?) in the top 25%. Get a fuzzy viking hat and free ice cold beer, and maybe a turkey leg.
We arrived early. My husband, my brother-in-law Will, and I were a little excited. Till Will saw the climbing wall. He wasn't too keen on that particular obstacle. There were so many people dressed sooo weird. And some just plain cool.
Like this guy. Photobucket

and this guy. Photobucket

After getting the lay of the land, and a few dorky before shots, we got our running gear (bibs and timing chips)and got ready for our wave.
We were in the second to last wave on the last day of the race. There was a beefy man dressed like William Wallace in sweats, A school girl, and another (more convincing) William Wallace kilt and all in our group... oh yeah and a dude in a pink prom dress with his buddy in a suit with a mullet wig. Ooookaaaaay.
The announcer guy counted us down and flames shot out from the top of the 'Start' sign and we were off like a heard of freaked out sheep. Including me because my leg got caught up in the ribbon that had been tied across the starting line a moment before. We ran down hill as a thundering pack, then up a small hill people started dwindling behind me. Including sweatpants William Wallace, as muscular as he was I thought he was some big health nut; nope turns out his muscles were just for show.
Around the bend when the road went from paved to gravel a few passed me but even more stopped running. The walk through the shallow of the lake dropped more. Then over the wrecked cars and through the field of tires. I felt like I was running in the postapocalyptic backdrop of a zombie flick. It was awesome! I climbed over walls, ran through mud and scraped the crap out of my knees. The slide was the only thing that hurt. That tarp down the side of the hill that they were spraying down with water hid all rocks; but it's okay my tailbone found them. By the time I got to the last mudpit I thought I'd done really good for myself and passed another two contestants. Woo! Through the last little lake and over the logs in the way and the finish line made of fire was MINE!

Afterwards we felt sore, amazing, I somehow got mud on my teeth and didn't notice, and we all loved the ice cold free beer. Yes, I am a Warrior. I made the 3.2 miles in 28minutes and 49 seconds, including obstacles. Maybe I'm bragging a little bit. *Innocent Face*
Photobucket Will after the dash.
Photobucket My man! (who made it in 22minutes; gah he makes me look bad! *laughs*)
Photobucket Water. Good.

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  1. You know you can't buy memories like that. Spinning down the slide like a horizontal ninja star was just way too cool lol.