Saturday, May 7, 2011

Past Blasting

OH MY GOSH! *squeeeeeee*
My best friend from elementary school just contacted me via FaceBook! Memories of him were the things that got me through middleschool and gave me hope for finding friends in highschool after running up against those people that make one into a puddle of self doubting goo. So, for him to suddenly reappear! *excited girl scream* I'm so excited to see what CM has been up to and do the whole 'catch up' dance. Yay!

I think Jex is a little jealous. He made a pouty face when I told him CM was one of my best friends, my first true best friend. Jex has been my best friend for 6 years and will be for the rest of my life; but this new comer, who's throne Jex technically usurped, is a threat. *laughs* I'll just have to remember to give Jex a little extra attention.

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