Monday, January 31, 2011

Translation Revelation

I speak conversational German, more or less. Even a lot of that has been forgotten over the past 4 years of disuse. So while surfing YouTube I ran across some interesting German Music videos and a few words I wasn't familiar with.
Without much thought I pulled up Beolingus (the best German-English/visa-versa online dictionary that I know of) and the translation of one of the words 'verdroschen' translated to a word that I'd never heard in my entire life: lambasted.
What the heck?! I tried to think of what it could mean... came up with some pretty silly stuff...
1. To burn Lambchops
2. To be lamb-like in personality
3. A long lost curse word that involves comparative genitalia.
Naw... it actually means to be severely whipped or berated.
The things you learn everyday.

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  1. That is amazing that they came up with a single word to describe something as cruel as that.