Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning curve

Like I stated in my previous post: I don't know much about Astrology. Just the jaunty little goof off here and there. So, when the whole Zodiac Change wave came sweeping over the interwebs (and even my husband's medical class) I tried to separate fact from fiction by going to 'sciencey' type sites and what not that I could find.
Then I sat down to research the different kinds of Zodiac and such. So there are all kinds of Zodiac: Chinese, Hindu, Sidereal, Tropic, the list goes on.
It was a lot of information about something that probably wasn't going to change much, if anything, about my life.
So, after a day or so of sifting through information, laughing my butt off at some of the resulting screams and panic attacks that this viral rumor had caused, and failing interest I found a link that one of my friend's posted on her FB account.
Here is a calmer version of the issue that might lead you so something closer to truth than everything else going on around the internet. Everything I've found leads me to believe that you've kind of got a choice in what Zodiac sign you want.
I'm not worried about it. But I like to know stuff.
Happy MLKing Day!

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