Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

It was the first phrase I learned in Japanese at the age of 7. Looking back I probably slaughtered the crap out of the little proverb, but hey it was fun.

Now it seems that I am living the life of that rolling stone. I have no time to settle long enough for the place that I'm living to grow on me. I am moving again, and no OPSEC won't let me tell you where Jex is taking me till we get there. This time I'm sure I'll get to see and experience more new things than this time.

Tomorrow I'll be packing and going through stuff. The next week or so I'll probably just have enough time to get online and check up on family, maybe watch an odd youtube video when I can't take the monotony any longer. Ha ha! When I get to my new place I'll fill ya in on the juicy details.

For now though I want to pass on something that I learned in Texas that really impressed me.

Cowboy Ethics:

1. Live each day with Courage
2. Take Pride in your Work
3. Always Finish what you Start
4. Do what has to be Done
5. Be Tough, but Fair
6. Keep your Word (promises)
7. Ride for the Brand (it means be Loyal to what you believe, serve, hold in esteem)
8. Talk Less, Say More
9. Remember, some things aren't for sale
10. Know Where to Draw the Line

We may never be Perfect, but we'll be Real.


  1. See if only everyone lived up to those creeds, the world would be a better place. Kudos. Miss you two!

  2. I read this and I decided to send you a letter sometime later when you make sure where you will live next.

    A rolling stone that doesn't have Moss might mean they are surface people. Being in a same place might help us to create our own Moss. But that doesn't help us all the time. TO be deep, I think something really does help us be that way. But I don't find what it is like yet.

    Hope you are having fun at a next place you are going to.