Saturday, May 11, 2013

OHMG! Is that the Sun?!

Greetings Friends!

This is Ashes reporting from her less hectic life.
After a storm damaging our roof, killing most the garden, cuts to the military making our paychecks very very small, and buying a new car I finally have something good to post about! Yaaay!

I made a collapsible hula hoop. Oh yes. It's awesome! It's also way too big to hoop with in the house, but that's ok, I also made a smaller one. I went from -1 hula hoops to 2! It's amazing! *laughs*

Yup I'm purposefully sounding manic, for the hell of it.

Life really is doing better though. Our new car is super fancy. I told my friend, because you can TALK to my car, that I really want to make all kinds of Star Trek references when I'm in it. I've already asked it about sky net. It says it doesn't know anything, but I know the truth. *laughs* Still haven't figured out why it won't recognize my phone so I can tell it to call people.
Oh yes. It calls people for me. Well it would if it would recognize my phone! I think the car thinks it's better than my cell. My cell is, after all, not a 'smart' phone. It just has a fold out tactile keyboard. (I totally just tried to spell fold as phold, what the heck brain?)

I'm still trying to learn more hoop tricks, but I fail, and comically hit myself in the face or launch the round piece of irrigation tubing at my husband. Though I think that one might be a little bit of karma.

Oh, and I'm going to be a Zumba instructor. Soon. I'm so excited, and freaked out. One the one hand it'll be a fun job and I'll never have to actually 'work out' in the traditional sense ever again. Score!
On the other hand, I'm not so awesome with strangers.
As you've noticed by my choice of words and references I'm kind of awkward. My kind typically are. Throw computer parts at me and I can help you, throw a room full of strange women, maybe even a token male, and I might be able to help you... maybe... it depends.
Luckily the first class I'll be teaching will be all the really rad elderly people from the church Jex and I hang out at. Who knows, maybe I'll get a kids class after that and work my way up to the frightening mass that is my peer group.
But that's off in the shadowy future.

Till next time my lovlies!
God is good, but don't dance in a small boat.
 PS, I don't know why but I have this urge to post pictures of the wreck.

Notice how our car, the red one, is trashed while the silver one took next to no damage. Figures.
Good news is that my knee is finally healing. I smashed the ever loving crap out of it on the steering column when we collided.

The moral of the story; Honda beats Ford in Life Paper Scissors.

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