Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 days in wildlife drawings: day 1

My super radtastic friend Kai made up a 30 day drawing challenge for us to complete together. Since I've been in the dumps about Gawk's death and everything she'd thought it would help me out.

She's so right.

Day 1 (to which I will post a picture when I get hold of Jex's laptop)

We took a quiz to see what animal we were. This quiz to be exact

Apparently I'm a graceful Giraffe.
Man these animals are derpy looking. Just flipping through pictures of the creatures made me laugh. It was a good day.

You can see Kai's awesome art for day 1 here.

Come join us!
You don't have to draw realistic stuffs. You can draw cartoons or stickies if you feel so inclined.

Till next time my lovelies.
~The Light Heart Lives Long

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