Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where have I been?!

So sorry to have been absent.

The universe has decided to take a huge dump right on top of my life.

Most recently our car got totaled. Not too bad because no one was hurt or anything...
But today the other party in the accident decided that they were injured.
That's just great.

So now I'm going to see what precautions I need to take to keep them from trying to take everything Jex and I have worked so hard to build up.

If anyone has been in this situation let me know how it went for you. I can use all the advice I can get. I really think I'm at the end of my mental rope.

Hopefully I'll have a happier post for you guys later.


  1. REM! I am really sorry to hear about you! I think you will work hard to deal with the accident. Driving in any countries is risky, I know.

    Time helps you to overcome how you feel now. You will just need to be careful for driving in the future. I think you already know that though.


  2. Was thinking how I hadn't read a post from you lately. And then thinking about how it was probably cause i haven't been online much lately cause I moved and only just got the Internets hooked up. But now having read this last post, looks like there's more going on than me being absent. Sorry to hear things are tough right now. Hope in some small way knowing an internet stranger friend is thinking about you and sending warm thoughts your way helps. xo


  3. I love my internet stranger friends! Thanks so much V!

    Norie, you are the BEST. You always make me happy even if I didn't think I could be.