Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Spy (late)

In the words of Paladin J: GARGLECOX!!!!
I'm just going to pretend that the last few days never happened.
Whatever you do DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE J.EDGAR!!! Don't do it!!! It was so long and boring and So Much DRAMA I felt like my face was going to implode. Thank God I had a slushie and popcorn otherwise it would've been a complete waste. Pina Colada and butter are really complementary flavors, my tongue was happy even if the rest of me was in purgatory.

About to dig in and do the TaxDance. Hopefully this time the IRS won't come breathing down our throats. I'm kinda freaking out though, this is the first time I'll be doing them on my own. And if the guy from the legal office can fubar our taxes then what hope do I have?! Eeep!
Hopefully it will turn out alright, because I'm not an idiot and I asked for help with the one thing that was baffling me. It's nice to look before leaping. *happy face*

I SPY!!!!

This week's prompt was Junk. I promptly renamed the prompt: "Things that make Captain Planet sad" and ran off to a place I found while walking the dog last week. Junk doesn't just make a fictitious 90's super hero with a blue mullet sad; it makes me sad. Part of me wants to burn it into ash so it can do some good. The other, more realistic, part of me realizes that I'll be arrested for setting the woods on fire.

And now everything is breaking on the Internet.... if it doesn't work this time it's just the one picture....

Haha! Success!!!

Poor Poor Captain Planet...

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  1. Sorry it took so long to get here. Too much school makes Christy a bad girl.

    I always think the worst of people. But I'm more shocked over the yellow VHS tape. Talk about a blast from the past.

    Great photos this week!