Monday, March 12, 2012

Adulthood Ho!

The S.S. Ashes, adrift on the sea of child- ish likeness for most of the year, has pulled into port on the Isle of Adulthood. The crew is split, the joyful against the uncertain. This place is new and strange and not to be trifled with.

Yeah, I feel all grown up today. Almost everything I need to get done is done. Save taxes, which I'm afraid of messing up. But those will be done by the end of the week. All that's left is to watch the clock tick down to the week of implosion known as PCSing with company.
Oh you don't know what this concept is?
It's moving to another state, all the while having friends visiting/helping. A time of unparalleled fun and stress crammed into 7 days. With the final day being a 5k mud race for breast cancer. Oh yes, we're all mad here.

All that's left to do is get a new car. Jex wants a Subaru Baja. I think it suites us... we're a little odd too.

One of the things that has come with pulling into the bay of "realization" off the "cape of I'm too old for that" is all the stuff I tried to do but never really followed through with.
Like the Vlog.

Betcha didn't know that I started my blog not to write but to keep in touch with my family in a way that would be better than letters. Jex and I moved so much, internet has been spotty at best, and we lived in hotels for the first half of our marriage. Letters and e-mails weren't an option. And my family lives in the U.K. giving them a call really isn't much better. Videos seemed like the best option. A pictures worth a thousand words; then a video should be worth a hundred thousand! Right?
Eh, not so much.
I found out real quick that my personality, though shiny and fun, wasn't really cut out for the camera. Though witty and sarcastic I need time to think things through or I sound like a dork... and I say Uhhh and ahhh and ano and hmmm waaaaay too much.
If you're curious a lot of my first posts are videos.
Recently I've seen a lot of stuff that not only has made me miss my friends, but has sparked a new interest in the Vlogesphere. Now I'm not going to run off with my camera and never come back, but from time to time I'll document stuff without text.
Who knows, it may even make you smile.


  1. You better be back blogging sister. I will have to hunt you down and stalk you

  2. Well I just figured the blog thing out and now you are off to to Vlogesphere. You need to read you email there is some adult stuff for you to do and it is important that you do it sooner than later. The car looks awesome. It would have been perfect when you were little. Where are you off to next?? My guess is Georgia...did I win!!!! Dad