Friday, March 16, 2012

Fracking Friday: B.C. = before common-sense

Alright, so this week has actually been really good. With the exception of Jex's secret squirrel stuff that makes it hard to sleep sometimes. Then I end up crashing on the couch for 3 hours (oops) and forgetting to let the dog out.

But of course something rears it's ugly head and demands that you fuss about it over the internet. And this time I can't stay quiet because to me this smacks of propaganda and divide and conquer tactics.
Let me start off by saying that I don't like griping about politics because I swear the Internet Trolls have little spyware programs that alert them to every new post and comment about the crap. Like ungainly crows they then follow their little spies to your blog and set it on fire!!!
But this time it's ok. Because I feel this is more a problem of common sense.

Birth Control Pills.
Why?!!! WHY?!!! This is so stupid! Really on every account.
IF it isn't broke don't fix it! Sure if you can streamline or boost something effectiveness; do it. But otherwise leave it the Frack alone! There was no outcry that I know of that led to Obama's bill. If anyone knows of a push for this kind of legislation provide me a link in the comments so I can check it out.
As far as I remember, co-pay on B.C. wasn't too bad. Less than cell phone service that's for sure.
Ahhhh! Just AHHHHHH!
All I can think of is Hunger Games, because it's the most recent book I read. The whole presidential debate was getting boring so the President Makers decided to start a huge debate on a gender/sexual/religious scale. That aught to get everyone's attention.
Well it got mine and I do my best to stay out of Politics for my own sanity, so I guess it worked.

So yeah pretty much my only complaint this week is my frustration with where our government is going. Gone are talks about the deficit, jobs, incumbent bastards in congress, and the things that actually matter. Now we're all wrapped around this issue that brings out the worst in all of us. The sexist vs. the feminist, the unconcerned vs. the overly concerned, the religious vs. the other religious. It's sad, it's frustrating, and it shouldn't be happening.

Here are some more links if you're interested. I tried to get the Time report, but unless you're a subscriber you're not privy to their information. Meh.

Huffington Post: Catholic Bishops on Obama's bill
The Washington Post version of the same story as above
The D.C. I don't know if this is accurate, but it has a lot of links of it's own so you can follow the proverbial 'paper trail' if you wish.

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  1. aaahhh, The Hunger Games. One More Week. I can do it.

    Yeah, you already know how I feel about this issue.

    Love you man