Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taxes are the Devil

^Ignore the fact that the word 'arranged' is spelled wrong.^

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that Taxes are the Devil already.
But I'm slowly learning it, one ring of numbery hell at a time. Last year we had a whole crap storm with the IRS because some dip-shit messed up and the IRS was just CERTAIN we made twice what we actually did that year. A W-2 was not enough proof, jerk wads, we had to get a statement from the department of the airforce. Which basically translates to: if we could show them a flying pig, a dragon, and the Multiverse before the end of their lives they'd concede that we, and our bank account records, were right. So, we shelled out the cash to get them to Go the ((&%&%^$%^#&(@*&(Q%!!!!! away.

This year I've been fighting with online tax applications for literally 2 weeks. Trying to spend less than $100 bucks and get help at the same time (ha! Futile!). Ask.come and Google were more help than the so called 'tax professional' help searches on TurboTax and TaxSlayer made me want to claw my eyes out because it felt like I was reading russian in japanese. I have no clue what a Personal Accepted Assessment Deduction is so how do I even know if I had one.
I mean really there should be a class you can take in college, one that counts as a foreign language, and title Taxish: the only foreign language you'll ever actually use. What with a form 1040b through f skipping g and i moving on to h before you get to an 1199 and then a form 8000C and all that why should it be counted as anything other than another language?

On top of the language barrier I had to fill out the forms 3 times, then get my husband to find some info for me because our W-2 was wrong... again. *facepalm*

Hopefully I didn't screw up too badly. We'll find out next year around this time if I did alright.

Oh, we're moving. Yup. T-minus 25 days till we hollow out our apartment. 24 till Sony and I are off to the Dirty Girl. Don't worry I'll post pictures.


  1. Oh, taxes, hate, understand. But gosh, you made me laugh.

  2. Taxish. Love it! Good luck with your move as well, my dear!