Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Spy: Colors!

Yay! I love I SPY! It makes my weeks more happy when I'm looking for something different that hidden behind the grey backdrop of familiarity.

This week's prompt has been my favorite so far.


Typically I don't shop at Target. However, they tend to carry things I like/need.
Lo and Behold the moment I walk in the door I had to take a picture

And that's not all! Apparently the 80's have attacked Target's accessories.

I was going to show you my super awesome bathmat, but the dog kept getting in the way.
This was the last attempt before I gave up.

The stack of Candy I still need to send to Norie!

Come to think of it, just about everything in my house is saturated with color.
I must like it or something.
This is some of the stuff that's on the Television. A dragon statue, a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet in the background, and of course pretty rocks!

My Choice
This is not something Ashes likes to see.
Because Semi's are freaking scary!!! Not only that this is a Semi that still doesn't know what it's doing! That raises the fright level to x10.
Luckily Jex was driving

Well that's all for this week.
Next week: Junk

Come jump on the bandwagon and snap some shots. Then Link up with Dazee!


  1. That Target sign was pure awesomeness. I would have been so excited it I would have seen that. You and me think alike. Kind of a scary thing. :)

  2. The Target sign was perfect for the prompt!! I love the neon colors in the second photo, too.

    Mmmmm, yes - I would find the student driver business disconcerting, as well. I don't always trust those things with experienced drivers!

  3. This is such a cool prompt! I love it. Sometimes we need to find colour in the grey of February. I did wear light pink TWICE this week. Does that count?

  4. Just popped over from Dazze's blog. I love the first 2 shots from Target. Yep so neon is right back in fashion.

    I totally agree with that sign too, color does change everything!

  5. I love your color shots! And the student driver one is hilarious!