Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm finally DONE!

I finished the Quilt Yo! Today!
*runs around whooping and hollering like a sugar infested toddler*
But no pictures yet. The recipient of said wondermus item reads my blog from time to time, and I want her and the babies to pull it out of the box with abject curious excitement. As soon as I get the 'yay I got your box' text I'll put up pictures of the little thing that took nearly 9 months to make.
Hand quilting is hard, yo.

That being said: I've decided to take a little break from quilting. I'm going to work on a steam punk jacket for a little bit instead. When I do start another quilt it will be for my little brother who just graduated highschool. *sniff* I can't believe he's 18! Where's my annoying 8 year old brother who broke all my shiz?

So... I just overheard a tiny bit of what my husband is watching on youtube (how do I know it's youtube? Because it's coming from his laptop.) and I'm pretty sure he's watching a zombie survival tutorial. *laughs* I love that man.

Oh. So our house is infested with fleas. They just showed up. Which sucks because we've been good about keeping flea stuff on the dog. I'm setting up traps and learning all kinds of things about how to get rid of the little vampiric pixies without chemicals (because my pets are stupid and will eat whatever I stick on the floor). I'll write about that adventure as it happens.

The next thing you'll probably hear about is StormCon. This weekend peoples! Wooooh!

And I leave you with a random picture.

God is good, but don't dance in a small boat. (^_^)

Me and my sister, half a lifetime ago.

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  1. I saw your quilt on FB! It's awesome! Good job on it! ^^" I'm really interested to see what you come up with on the steampunk jacket! <3

    Ugh... I hate fleas... I hate bugs that suck blood... the best of luck to winning that war. They're resilient suckers... >__>