Thursday, August 1, 2013


So I have pictures from Storm Con!
But haven't loaded them to my computer yet. Because I'm lazy!
No not really, because I'm busy. Between the garden trying to completely die on me, wifey house hold stuff for the most messy dude ever (I love you hunny), and only being home 9 days out of any given month (this is probably why the garden is trying to die so hard) getting the pictures off the camera and into my tower isn't really high on my priority list.

Actually, I'm probably just lazy.

Storm Con was AWESOME. We played so many games. For three days we played as many table tops and board games as we could shove into 17 hours the first two days. We lost a little steam on the last day, but it was great!

Shadow Run, Savage Worlds, Iron Kingdoms, Myskatonic School for Girls, Garden Dice, Star Trek Battles, so many games. This is probably only half of what we played on the first day. I lost count pretty quickly.
Not only that but we met some super rad people. I'm really glad my first Con was a first year Con. I'm super stoked for next year.

Now this was a gaming Con, nothing to do with Comics and/or Anime. Though I would absolutely love to go to AWA (anime weekend Atlanta) at some point. I really admire people who can make really good costumes. And, lets face it, I've loved the anime style since I watched Sailor Moon a million years ago.

I even drew a couple of pictures of the adventures we were part of during Storm Con. However, I find that without a scanner I really don't like uploading my art. Maybe I'll get brave and finally post some of my comics to the blog that was supposed to house all my comics. *laughs*

Oh yes, the fleas. I told you I'd tell you how that was going.
Well the almighty internet sage known as the Google helped me find a lot of really interesting ideas on how to combat the fleas. I mixed baking soda and salt and brushed it into the carpet. It's supposed to dehydrate the fleas. Then you set up a cookie sheet with very soapy water, no bubbles *sadface*, beneath a night light and the fleas jump to the warmth and wet and drown screaming. So far it's worked pretty well. I've only gotten one new flea bite; they love my ankles. I'd have 6 or so new bites every day. Oh yeah, my ankles look baaaad. Anyways, we also gave in and bought Trifexis for the dog, so now she's a fluffy flea trap. The cat just got the regular stuff that keeps them off her.
So far, I'm winning!!!

Anyway, it's late and I'm rambling.

More random pictures!!! Bet'cha can't find me in this one.

Remember my lovlies, The light heart lives long.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I don't think I know any of those games. I think you should play Apples to Apples next time. :)