Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liquefied Organs and A Quote Book

Hi! Wonder where I've been?
On Vacation in the Mountains, maybe traveling the globe, or perhaps away on some grand adventure.
I wish.
Actually, I was in bed with a 'light' case of food poisoning. I don't know if you've ever had food poisoning... but calling it 'light' just makes you more horrified.
"You mean it can get WORSE?!"
I really could not believe it could get worse at the time. Sure it only lasts 36 hours max, but those hours are some of the longest hours in your life; second only to waiting for your birthday when you're 4 1/2.  For 5 hours (according to the traitorous clock it was only 15 min) I sat on the toilet with a trashcan in my lap regretting every single bite of food I had eaten that day. It was after that that my organs liquefied and crawled around my insides before oozing out my eye balls. I lived next to the bathroom, chilled even wrapped in the fluffiest most thermal blanket in the house, and tried not to move. I think my heart had gotten stuck in my brain when the rest of my organs oozed out of my pores.
And some how it could have been worse. 
The bad part is, I accidentally did it to myself.
No I didn't eat anything bad, or slightly off smelling, I made dinner. No big deal, just some chicken and rice. But when I was done scooping delicious cream of awesome soup over the whole ensemble I licked the spoon. The spoon that I was sure had not come into contact with any of the raw chicken. The spoon covered in delicious cream of awesome. The spoon that was a gateway to pain and suffering.

But as always the phrase 'the shadow proves the sunshine' comes to mind when I'm in these stupidly unhappy predicaments. While laying in bed Jex was all sweetness and care. He even remembered that he was supposed to start keeping a quote journal of things we say to eachother that we keep bringing up to the other's chagrin.
The most recent example was me feeling like crap. I announced something like. "No, I don't want any skin contact!" When Jex was rubbing my back, when seconds before this he'd had his hand resting on the skin of my forearm. Upon reminding me of that I shot back. "Well forearm skin doesn't count! It's not intimate skin. NOTHING can be done to a forearm that would make anyone feel anything. Same thing with hands... wait... nevermind."

Oh we also got Jex's camera back from the Wedding we lost it at. It's broken... the 'take a picture' button is gone and there's no way I can figure to jerry rig it. Which in one way is ok because we were planning on buying a new camera anyway... but in another way it sucks because I was supposed to inherit the new camera. *sadface*
Bis spater dan.

The light heart lives long~

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  1. you poor, poor thing. Please do not lick spoons. any spoon, unless you just put it in the product of your making to eat it. got it???? good.

    I can't wait till you get a new camera.