Monday, May 7, 2012

Montage Monday

No it's not a meme or anything, I just really like alliteration. It makes my face happy and tastes good.

I don't know what it is about the second year of marriage; but I hope it passes soon. Perhapse it's just the terrible 2's.
But Jex and I have been really really missing one another's heart recently.
Here's an example:

Ashes: *Starts folding up her half of the breakfast sub in the massive subway wrapper because her tummy isn't up for eating*

Jex: *Takes the sub and wrapper away.* Here I'll show you how to do it. I have muscle memory. *Proceeds to fold the sandwich up with Japanese Oragami precision.* There.

Ashes: *Gives Jex a playful stinkeye*

Jex: *While leaving SubWay* Was that ok?

Ashes: Yeah, mostly. Just kinda reminds me of the not so great parts of my Grandma.

*Both get in the car*

Ashes: So, out of curiousity. Why did you have to show me the 'right' way to wrap up the sandwich?

Jex: Why are you freaking out?

Ashes: What? *get's offended and angry* I'm not freaking out!

Jex: *in a super defensive and pissy tone* I just wanted you to know the better way to wrap up the sub.

Ashes: Oh my god. *sigh*

Jex: Why is it such a big deal?

Ashes: It's not! Why are you making it such a big deal.

Jex: You got angry.

Ashes: I wasn't angry.

Jex: *in a matter-o-fact tone* Yes. You were.

Ashes: *silent huff* [after a long pause] Why can you tell me how I'm feeling but if I do it to you it's wrong and disrespectful?

Jex: That's not true. You can refute me.

Ashes: I wasn't angry.

Jex: Yes you were. You were making an angry face, using an angered tone of voice.

Ashes: My stomach is all kinds of upset. So I'm not really sure what my face was doing. And I didn't think I used an angry voice. Either way I wasn't angry.

Jex: You got angry to the point of shutting down.

Ashes: What?!

Jex: You got all quiet and sullen and fumy.

Ashes: No, I was thinking about the situation and word choice and how to get our points across better. I wasn't angry! We're both frustrated at eachother for the same thing! You thought I thought you folding up the damned sandwich was a big deal. I felt that you were making the whole thing into a big deal. Neither one of us is making it into a big deal. SO WHY ARE WE ARGUING?!

Jex: I'm sorry I broke the egg shell.

Ashes: *goes into a real silent, angry, fume* [and thinks] Fraking Asshat.

OH MY GOD! Married people, plese tell me that this goes away. (As a side note: I'd like all of you to know that my husband is pretty much the coolest man in the entire world, even with his rediculous moments)

My back hurts from flinging babies around all weekend. Looks like I need to step up the exercise.

Oh and I found this fill in the blank game thing!!!
It's supposed to be for fridays. So when I have a super good week and have no Fracks to share I'll probably steal this from Marrianna Annadanna and do it instead... or just do it on mondays and mess up the entire meme. (^_^)

Fill in the Blank Friday Monday?

Here goes.

1. My bedtime routine includes... brushing my teeth and giving Jex a back rub. He has to have a back rub before he goes to bed. Otherwise I'm not really one for routine, every day is different.

2. I am... feeling a little frustrated with everything right now. As usual I don't know where to begin and have somehow managed to get all tangled up in the middle. This makes Ashes an Emo girl... I think I have to go paint my fingernails black now. haha.

3. I can't stand.. the heat. Damnit south, why do you have to be so fraking HOT?! It's literally hot enough to kill all the old people in Germany. (Ah, so like 8 or 10 years ago there was one summer in Germany that it got to be in the low 90's. It was the hottest summer in like 100 years or something ((I was 15 I don't remember details now)) and because Europe doesn't really do the airconditioning thing all these old people died from heat stroke and stuff! Because it's pretty rare to have a summer over 85 at it's hottest where we lived)

4. My idea of relaxation would be... Having an Onsen nearby so I could chill out with a friend. Pools of hot water in varying tempuratures, mineral and herbal mixes, and not having to wear a damned bathing suit. Aaaahhhhh. Either that or not being around the dog for a day.

5. If I had an extra $50, I would... Buy a couple of Super Rad T-shirts from this chick.

6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is that... She doesn't take getting things off your chest personal. So much love, laughter, and encouragement is so freely and openly given to eachother as we read the other's posts and comment. No masks, no fears, just the pure unaduterated us. It's almost surreal sometimes.

7. A recipe I've been dying to try is... Silence of the Leg o' Lamb. Mostly just because of the fun name, but also because I LOVE LAMB, I'm just waaaaaay too poor to afford it.

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  1. I'm thinking you just need to give Jex a tampon and tell him it will be over soon. hahahaha. Oh, sorry. I've used that on many men before. Because, they have periods, they just don't bleed.