Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dirty Girl

Aaaah Moving Aaaaah!
So technically we're in our house. There are still a few fixer upper things that need done. The back door needs to be totally replaced, the guest bath window doesn't close all the way unless you're on the outside (weird). All the showers need to be re-caulked (and here is where I'd like to insert that Jex's bio dad is an arrogant condescending jerk wad, just because I'm a woman doesn't mean that I can't do it!).And we have absolutely ZERO appliances. Those will get delivered on Teusday.

I'm still not sure about this move. The more things that keep going on and happening and the conversations I keep getting into just have me really on edge. Typically I have a good sense of being in the 'flow' of things. You know: right place right time, here for a reason, there's something we need to learn/teach/help end/start/revamp. I have none of the sense. This whole move and events along the way seems to be some kind of lesson in silence and the general feeling of being without a support. Because love Jex as I do the man is not so good with the "I won't let you fall" bit. He'll be there for me when I smash my face into the boulder and fall into the mud and trip into the pit I couldn't see. But he's not into the catching before I smash/trip/fall. So yeah, just some stuff I'm feeling smothered by right now.

Anyfreakout, I'm really here to tell you about the dirty girl I did with Sony.
Instead of tell you though, I think I'll show you.

Fun it was, even with a few bumps along the way *cough cough* baggage check *cough COUGH!*


  1. You are a goofball, but that's why I love you. Hang in there.

  2. Love these pics! A.DORE! Change is hard, but just cause something doesn't feel right, right now, doesn't mean it won't with time. In the meantime, keep kicking ass in the areas of your life that do feel right (like crazy muddy runs and blogging!)