Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Thursday... and I'm back in Sandland

You know that Jex and I moved right? Yes we moved 345 miles south west of SandLand to a place I'm going to call Appalachia. It's about an hour south of where Jex grew up and all my inlaws are within driving distance. Literally, Dadio is only 2 miles away. *facepalm*

But every two weeks Jex has me drive him the ungodly 6 hours back to SandLand. Why would this be? Oh it's because the Military is STUPID. (We'll just ignore for the time being that most of what I say gets ignored once Jex is in mission mode. If he has a plan, then BY GUAVA that's what we have to do.)

So I'm back in the Loooooow Country till monday morning. And since I have internets right now I wanted to tell you guys all about the awesome that's happened. We'll just leave most of the not so awesome for my sketch pad and poetry book so I can throw them in some dark unvisited corner and pretend I was never that Emo.

Did you all know that I have a Motorcycle? I do! It's a Honda and it's shiny and older which means when AssbreakerTony lets me learn how to ride it in his driveway and I tip it over the first time I try to turn around It's OK. My knees however look like I generously applied purple eyeshadow to them. But I only tipped it over the once. Which according to Tony is actually pretty good for some one who has so little experience with any kind of motorized bike thing.
No really, I rode a scooter once when I was... 15? 16?... something like that. ONCE. And I have to remember to shift. Luckily my dad did force (long story) me to learn to drive stick so I have the concept down. Now I just need to practice a little more and figure out when/where the motorcycle course is at the DMV. After that I'll have my liscence and go buy a helmet and chaps and be ready to go! Yay!

I'm excited to be incharge of the games and stuff for my sister Bachelorette party. It's a SteamPunky Alice in Wonderland theme. I'm so EXCITED!!! Jex is going to help me come up with awesome sauce for games and prizes. And I get to buy a hat! A HAT! Have I told you all how much I love old fashioned hats? No? That's weird. Well I love them and if I think about it and have some time between learning how to ride a motorcycle, fixing up our new home, and game planning I'll write a post all about hats and why they're so awesome and should freaking come back in style.

I need to find a job. A not fast food job. Preferably a job where I get to deal with books. But first I need internets.

Now I'm going to need some input from my readers, if you please.
What are the best providers for internet? Who do you get internet through and what do you love/hate about them?
Sadly the "Cheap but Decent" stuff I was used to doesn't exist in the U.S. that I've found. We can't sign more than a 6mo contract, simply because the Military might just decide to uproot our lives again.


  1. I use Comcast but don't know if you have that in your area. Too bad your camera is broke, you could have posted photos of your poor knees. Does you phone have a camera?

  2. My phone has a camera, It's not too great and I honestly totally forgot about it. XD!