Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music of Life

It flows, it pumps, it sings, it grates on nerves, whatever a song does for you it does something else to some one else. I love artistic things for that reason. The diversity of the human spirit comes alive and shines so that we can see it; music especially.
Ever had a song that you loved and hated at the same time? I have a few of those. Songs that either the lyrics or the actual instrumentals speak to you but the other irks you or ruins it. Bleh.

Recently (and by recently I mean 6 months or so ago) I was given the theme song to my High-school existence. My husband gave our marriage a weird song, and our courtship. We pick theme songs for our characters in Dungeons and Dragons. Theme songs are written for movies, plays, video games.

I love music.

I love silence.

It took me a long time to even get passed the sheer panic that came with silence (my youngest brother was born when I was 13, if it was quiet something was very very wrong). Because it took me a long time to learn that there was no such thing as true silence. There was the breeze, my breath, the sound of my clothing as I moved, the sound of running water, chattering leaves and birds, it was the most subtle music I'd ever heard.

As Karma would dictate now that I have this great epiphany I'm going to get to enjoy it for something like... 3-6 months before something comes along to teach me another lesson. But for now I like it here: in the sound of silence.


  1. I love music too. I love those sound and silence also. THank you for sharing your thoughts about music to us. I loved to read your posting! :)

    *Silence is beautiful and it's also threatening to us though. I'm just saying :p

  2. total silence is weird. I love early morning silence.