Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan: the site of Earth's temper tantrum

I don't know if everyone heard it on the news.
Charlie Sheen may have crowded it out unless you're an avid news listener/watcher.
Japan got hit by a Tsunami and then several earthquakes. I was told twitter was the best place for news. But, I had a hard time figuring it out and I can't read kanji, or quickly enough to keep up with the updates from the 82bazillion people who 'tweeted'.

Here's what I could gather: In the wee hours of our morning (I got a txt @ 1:35AM) an 8.8 magnitude quake hit in the water just off the coast a little north of Sendai. Then a 7.1 farther east of the first not long later. Not even an our ago a 6.6 was off the coast of the Akita and Aomori prefectures. For those of you who don't know me very well, I used to live in the Aomori prefecture of Japan. As you can imagine, when a earthquake is off shore a tsunami is the result. Seems something like 1,000 people are presumed dead. (here's the link)

Frighteningly for me I still have friends over there and family in Hawaii and California. Two places that the after shocks of the Tsunami wave were bound to hit. For a horrifying hour or two I thought the majority of everyone close to me was going to get wiped off the earth.
At the risk of sounding corny and speaking christianese (bleh) Thank GOD everyone is ok! I won't have to beg my husband for travel money to go to funerals. I still get to tease my Jonatan, and make my Kai laugh, and think deep thoughts with my Norie. There's only one person I haven't heard from; Masako.
Hopefully Des will have heard from her and I'll get a little text chime to let me know all is right with my little world.

Thinking of that involuntarily brings little shudders of how I'd feel if it wasn't. My heart goes out to the Japanese people who have lost loved ones: children, spouses, parents, grandparents and friends. I'll pray for them; give the red cross some money.
Ya know. I kind of wish I was there. Maybe I could do something to help. Maybe not. *laughs*

Peace and Solace to the Japanese, and those of us pulling for them spiritually and emotionally. ~Ashes


  1. Hi Ashes, I thought of you this morning because I thought I remembered you posting something about being Japanese or living there. I'm glad you posted. I'm glad your friends all seem to be okay and hope you hear soon from the one you haven't heard from. My heart goes out to them, also. Now I'm a little worried about the nuclear reactors, too. That doesn't seem good.

  2. I appreciate this posting. I love to read it. I am okay and safe. But we don't have water, electricity, and food enough. The quake destroyed everything for us. But it gave me the realization how blessed we'd been before. tho'

    Please pray fro us in Japan. And I hope you're doing well. :)