Monday, March 7, 2011

Beads, Porcelain gods, and Sunshine

My husband took me to Mardi Gras this last weekend. It was... interesting. I started to type up the whole story and realized I was writing a book. So I'll just give the highlights.

Swollen Tonsils+ Mardi Gras+ Rain+ Drinkable Hand Grenade= Flu.

Mardi Gras= Shiny Beads+ Parades+ Light Up Items Thrown at You+ Stupid Men+ Penis Necklaces+ Gay Man Dancing in the Street in Underwear+ Traffic from Hell.

Needless to say I've spent the last few days recovering. Praying to the Porcelain god; as my dad so aptly calls nights spent over the toilet. At least I can console myself, my upchuckery wasn't caused by stupidity but a virus.

Today I'm feeling good. Not quite good enough to get into the exercise routine I want. But good enough to go for a walk in the coastal sunshine of Biloxi. If said Sunshine will be nice enough not to fry the skin off my gamer tan I'm sure today will turn out lovely.


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  1. Gamer tan! That is an amazing way to put that. *thumbs up*