Monday, March 8, 2010

Alive... for now

I'm comming to you from the free internet that can be found at a base library. Yay!
Jesse and I are alive, no car accidents, flat tires, sudden explosions, or amushes by the landscape to speak of. It was actually a super boring trip minus the time we spend with Family and Friends along the way.
Jesse finds out today what 'could possibly' happen to us next. [sarcasm] I just loooove not knowing where I'm going to be sleeping three days from the present. [/sarcasm]
Anyhoooo, I'll be sure to give an update on that ASAP.

Oh and I got lost in the MedGroup building. It's almost as bad as calling a bank's 800 number. Computers everywhere for you to sign in or up or down or your organs away: Everywhere. Living human being who can assist you in finding the Gynocology front desk and maybe answer a few questions: Nowhere in sight. Then I got uncomfortable with my own awkwardness and the sounds of sick people so I left without getting any information. So I'm going to call their help line later and figure out how to do a T-con (telephone consult) with someone. ....Yeah....
Later Days.

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