Thursday, March 11, 2010

rainy day

Today started out super promising. Everything was going well, I got everything done, made my husband feel loved and awesome.
Now I sit at the computer with a twisted right hand, a little bit of sad, a husband who is not so charming and happy as he was earlier, and it started raining after all the cool spring day was swallowed up by dark clouds.
I know it won't stay gloomy; it's not even really that dark. After the warm happy this feels like a snow ball in the face.

Turns out that Jesse and I will be in Wichita Falls for around 4 months for the next part of his training and I've already got the ok to visit my pals at O.C! Yay!
We'll be out of here and off the net until we get all set up in Texas. Until that day comes, blessings and peace to your hearts, minds, and souls.

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