Thursday, February 19, 2015

Old Year's Resolutions

Ever have on of those resolutions you recycle from year to year?
Well, blogging might be mine. *laughs* Or maybe just writing in general. I made a deadline for myself and shared it with my friends via the book o' face and the first Tuesday I meant to have a piece written the power goes out in a 30 mile radius; with us just inside that radius. Fun!
I got to bake flat bread in the fireplace and we ate apples nuts and cheese all day, so it was fine. However, that seems to be the story of my life. Decide to do something new, have life slap that crap right out of the air.

I think starting a health blog would be nice. You know for people who aren't head over heels for this product or that meal shake. Where people who can't stand the abominations that are vegan cheese slices but still would like to try the vegan thing can find a recipe or five. Maybe it could even be a place where chocolate pudding isn't vilified, only put in it's proper place (delicious snack of occasion).

Aaaaand of course I can't think of a name for the site, or much of anything. I'm wondering if I should just dive in head first and flail like it did with blogging in the first place (okay so I still flail) or if I should take more time on this one. You know... the difficult bits of not having to worry so much about food and clean water.

Also, I might be going back to school for a nerd degree!!! Mechanical Engineering has piqued my interest; and the Jex is insisting that we both go back to school to get something other than an associates. So I might as well get to build a race car in the process. Right?

~The light heart lives long.

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