Monday, June 22, 2015

I really need to buy a new laptop.

I think I told you all that Jex's laptop got dropkicked by a teenager while we were in Thailand.... right?

Well it did, and it finally died. Which sucks because there's NO WAY I'm updating my blog via a tablet. Tried that business once. ONCE. Never again.
Which is kinda lame because the most exciting things that happen do not happen at home, and I lose the notes I take on the event by the time I get on the tower PC.

So to tell you all what I've been meaning to say here for a while. I'm going to be a Mommy! So look forward to human larva photos come November. Hooray! (unless something awful happens then expect lots of crying and not many posts).

No, I won't take back the 'human larva' comment. Human babies are born incomplete. They have a freaking hole in the top of their little skulls till they're, what, 6 months old? The internet says 9-18 months... which is a little freakier. So, yes, they are squishy faced cute little larva. Not taking it back~!

My larva is currently being called Babybell, because cheese! And is all kicky. Just had my 20 week ultrasound and everything is in the right spot; good heart, pretty spine, crazy weird see through ghosty ultrasound baby face. The Gender is a surprise! It's like an early November Christmas present. Hopefully everything goes swimmingly. I've been struggling with stupid long morning sickness. Thought I got over it, then puked up all the two bites of egg I had on Sunday.

I'm thinking of making an instagram and taking pictures of little comics I've drawn. Like my picture of the porcelain god (aka: the toilette) and all the ways my pregnancy books have lied to my face. I almost feel the need to write my own pregnancy book. I think I'd call it "Junkfood Baby: this book may not apply to your current pregnancy."

Anyways. That's what's up with me.

Jex is going back to school to get his awesomesauce Mechatronics Engineering Degree!

I was supposed to go with him, only for Mechanical Engineering Technologies (I wanna work on jet engines and really fast cars!!!), got accepted and everything but, puking and sitting in class for an hour and a half don't really go hand in hand. There's always the Harley school if all else fails.

He's really liking it, nervous about the upcoming English class that's all of 5 weeks long (yay Summer Semester). I think he'll get super excited once he gets into the core mechanical and robotics courses. He's already planning his graduation robot project. *laughs*

Till next time lovelies, which will hopefully be sooner than later,
~the light heart lives long.

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