Monday, December 20, 2010

Results and Revelations

I finally received the results for my ultrasound and Pap. Hooray for a healthy reproductive system. So now I can go on with my life ignoring random ghost pains that could be caused by any number of imaginary things. Yay! I feel better.

But on the flip side I feel worse.
Christmas. I don't like it. This whole festive time of year when everything hinges on how much you spend on or get for said people in your life is somehow supposed to translate to love.
It's one of the reasons I chinese theater over jewelry commercials (if a psychologist could see me I'd be locked up in half a heartbeat).
Some people would be correct in calling me a Grinch or a Scrooge. The only thing I find enjoyable about Christmas is the lights and the whole spending a huge meal and laughing your head off with the people you hold dear.

I want to be with the ones I love. Luckily I'll have the one I love the most. But a part of me feels lonely for the people I once had in my everyday life that have gone on. Being a million miles away didn't feel so heavy when there was a host of smiling faces near to block it from my view.
Old habits are hard to break. Emo-ness seems to be the same way. lol

However in my severe distaste for a season which has even deprived me of snow (it's 85 degrees in Texas) I would not dream of holding the joy away from the rest of you.
So Happy Christmas to you all. Have a little extra Merry for me this year.


  1. Do you have fun for your Christmas? Mine was better than what I had in the states, in fact. And I'm satisfied with myself to be in Japan even though I've missed being in the states. :)

    Btw, I will find something to write you on letter and send it to you.

    Have a great day today and that you'll have an awesome happy new year

  2. It was a good Christmas, thanks for asking. Nice and quiet with friends and my awesome husband.

    I'll be looking forward to your letter!