Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Long Haul

The road before me is so long
Strewn with stones and hidden holes
Deceptively close crystal springs
And clouds that both loom and float fluffily by.
I'm in the Long Haul
That place between Here and There
Nowhere near an End or a place called My Own.
This place they call the Long Haul is filled with adventure
or fear.
Moments of Bliss spread their petals near Choking Worry
and Laughing Lilies float on Pools of Tears.
I love and hate this place that I'm in,
Longing for a home yet I'll want to go back again.
That my time in the Long Haul won't last is both a comfort and a sorrow,
but for now I'll content myself merely with this day then the next.

1 comment:

  1. Rem, I'm glad I can read your weblog. I don't think I can understand your English because of my linguistic background, so sometimes my comments do not make sense.
    Anyway, when I was reading this, I really felt your posting or your thoughts were very sophisticated, philosophical, and meaningful. I really shared your depth.

    I think I keep reading yours to understand how you think of and how your life is going, which makes me look forward to reading.

    I am here! haha, have a nice day. ;)-- Norie