Saturday, January 9, 2010

life bites back

I haven't had time to get a video up, but I will eventually! Maybe once I can get some things looking somewhat organized. *laughs* And I don't even have kids! 
Jesse's gone for a few weeks again, only this time he's holed up in some dorms less than 2,000 miles away from me. I'm very busy. You wouldn't think it, but I am. I run errands all day and do uniform stuff and track down paperwork. Yay! 

Oh and I had a blunder with the wash machine. Apparently the dish 'detergent' they gave me at the housing office was not for Machine washers. 

I'm super excited for today though! I'm going to a Messianic Synagog to see how different they are from the Church of Christ. They're beliefs and stuff seem to be the exact same from what I read about the one here in Spokane. I like learning new stuff! 
Anyways that's all for now! Time to make more banana bread! Buwahahahahaha!

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